Thank you for your interest in Classic Cast Stone of Dallas and The Classic Fireside Collection. Cast stone is an elegant architectural product that has been used for centuries. The earliest known use is around the year 1138 A.D. at the Cite’ fortress, Carcassone, France. Cast stone was first used in London in the early 1900’s and gained wide spread acceptance in America in 1920.

Cast Stone with its ability to reproduce a variety of natural stones, offers many advantages over cut stone. The designs of Cast Stone are limited only by your imagination.

Cast Stone is composed of highly refined mixture of graded aggregates and Portland cement. It is pressed into moulds to produce a product similar in appearance to cut limestone.

Classic Cast Stone is considered the premiere producer of cast stone in the United States. With high volume capability to handle both residential and commercial projects, we continue to focus first and foremost on quality. In addition to our standard product line, we offer full service custom design and consultation.

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